Annual Boat Parades In Jacksonville

The year-end holiday season is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. Different communities around the world have their own way of celebrating this season. However, in Florida, especially cities and communities along St. Johns river, people here have their own unique and grandiose way of celebrating the holiday.

While others celebrate by having a parade of people, lights, and floats. Here in Florida, there is a boat parade. Some of these parades have already been an annual tradition for few decades. During these parades, spectators flock around the riverbanks to join and witness the festivities. Boat parades along the St. John river have been so popular that tourists from all over the country and even some other parts of the world spend their holiday in Florida to experience this one of a kind event. Whether you are a fan of seafaring or not, you will sure enjoy this parade of boats, lights, and music.

There are more than 70 boat parades from northern to southern part of Florida. These parades greatly vary in size. Big events such as the one in Fort Lauderdale has more than 200 boats while others are hosted by smaller communities. It’s not only the events itself that have varieties but the boats themselves differ in style and size. A big and luxurious boat such as a yacht or a humble kayak can participate in different events.

In Jacksonville, there are two boat parades that everyone should anticipate. The first one is the “Christmas on the Creek.” The event that started in 1988 was celebrated this year last December 3rd, 2016 at 7:00 PM. Julington Creek came alive that night with music, lights and colorful, beautifully decorated boats. The event is not just a boat parade as it was concluded with food and live music. With boats, lights, food and live music, what more can you ask for in this event?

Another boat parade in Jacksonville that everybody should be excited about is the annual Community First Jacksonville Light.

Boat Parade. This year’s Jacksonville light boat parade have been celebrated at the same time with the TaxSlayer Bowl. The already huge festivity has become bigger as fans from Georgia Tech and the University of Kentucky have joined the event. The crowd was entertained with the parade of houseboats, sailboats, kayaks and canoes that were turned into a work of art. The event ends with the city’s biggest fireworks display.

In case you have missed Jacksonville’s boat parades, do not be dismayed as these parades will surely be held again next year. With the success of these parades, next year’s event will be bigger and more exciting than ever.

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