Different Ways of Commuting in Jacksonville

Taking public transportation most of the time is very inconvenient. Most of the time, you have to take a long walk and wait for a bus or a train for few minutes to even half an hour. This is especially true in cities that don’t have an excellent public transportation system such as Jacksonville. Lack of bus routes, trains and over emphasis on car usage makes commuting in Jacksonville a hassle. However, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer go around the city without a car. This also doesn’t mean that commuting can’t be enjoyable and relaxing because there are a lot of options that commuters can take in Jacksonville. The following are some of the public transportation that you can take if you want to go around the city.


City driving, especially during rush hours, can be exhausting. Leave the driving to the bus driver and sit back and relax while the bus will take you to your destination around the city. Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA) has a huge fleet of buses that has different routes around the city and even to the beaches.

Jacksonville River Taxi

Relieve yourself from the stress of heavy traffic jam and have a pleasant ride in the Jacksonville River Taxi. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset while on the River Taxi and see the beautiful Jacksonville skyline. The River Taxi has different service stops on both sides of the St. Johns River in the downtown area. It even has special services such as continuous taxi service during Jaguars game in the stadium.


Hit the beach through Jacksonville’s Beach Trolley. The trolley gives access throughout the beach neighborhoods. Another trolley line operated by Jacksonville Transit Authority is the Riverside Trolley, which connects downtown and Riverside. The trolley only operates at certain times of the week and year so it is better to visit their website for schedules.

St. John’s River Ferry

Jacksonville has one of the last public ferries in Florida. Leave the noisy and dusty highway and take a calm and delightful sail aboard one of the river ferries. The St. Johns River Ferries transport cars and passengers between north and south ends of Florida connecting Mayport village and Fort George Island.

Walk Around the City

Contrary to some belief that Jacksonville is not a walkable city, you can easily and safely walk around the city. Go green and be healthy by having a regular walk around the city. Jacksonville also has different walking paths along the riverbanks for those who want to keep an active lifestyle. Joggers can also have a pleasant stroll on the downtown Riverwalk or have a challenging run over the downtown bridges.


Biking is another eco-friendly and healthy way of getting around the city. You can also rent a bike from different local bike shops if you don’t have one. Have a relaxing bike ride along the tree-lined sidewalks of Jacksonville. Aside from a good way to move around the city, it is also one of the best mode of transportation around the beaches. For people who loves outdoors, challenge different biking trails around the city.

Even though Jacksonville don’t have a subway like the one in New York, it doesn’t mean that you will get stranded if you don’t have a car in Jacksonville. If you have some spare time, get out of your car and take one of the different ways to commute around the city.

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